Financial Aid


A Message from the Board:

La Jolla United water polo club offers scholarship and financial aid grants to provide an opportunity to young athletes that may otherwise miss exposure to the sport of water polo. Playing is a privilege.  Based on that, LJU cannot guarantee that all requests for financial aid applications will receive assistance. Application for assistance must be submitted each year, starting in the fall.  Renewal is not guaranteed.  Scholarship and financial aid grants are applied to the session fees only.  They do not apply to any additional fees (tournaments, suits, apparel, travel, etc) that are required for athlete’s participation.

All grants offered are subject to need and to the athlete’s and their family’s commitment to assist the program, as well as the athlete’s regular attendance and commitment to the program including the expectation that the athlete will participate in all tournaments he/she is rostered for, within reason. A grant will be subject to the fulfillment of a stated number of hours of assistance provided. Failure to satisfy the commitment of hours tied to a scholarship or financial aid grant will lead to ineligibility for any future grant consideration.


  • No sibling discounts are offered in addition to financial assistance that may be granted.
  • No discounts are offered in addition to financial assistance that may be granted.
  • All new applicants are required to participate in one full session before making any FA requests. 
  • A good faith deposit of 50% of the current session fee is required prior to review of the financial aid application. This fee will be refunded (less recoupment of time spent training during FA process) if the financial needs of the family cannot be met by LJU.

All information provided under this request will be held in the strictest of confidence. It will be reviewed only by a small board of La Jolla United.  Determination will be based on need.

Thank you for your interest in La Jolla United.

Please complete and return the financial aid form and all applicable documents to Steve Horowitz:

– La Jolla United Administration Team

Financial Aid Application Printable PDF